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Fire is a constant threat to life and property. In the event of a fire, an immediate response is the only way to save lives and protect property.

The function of a fire alarm system is to raise the alarm and to forward the alert to the fire service, as well as to automatically initiate measures to prevent the spread of the fire, such as smoke extraction and the closing off of fire zones (fire event control).

If correctly designed, together with the system operator, official bodies and the fire service, the best possible effectiveness of a fire alarm system is assured.

We are certified by a state-accredited certification body and, with over 100 systems installed, we are a very experienced partner in project planning, the implementation and maintenance of fire alarm systems.

VB certificate – state accredited certification body.
All certified companies (as at: 08/07/2014)


Leiner Einrichtungshaus Innsbruck (ARGE), furniture retailer

Completed: 2012

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